SCUF releases Xbox controllers almost identical to Microsoft versions

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SCUF Gaming is releasing game controllers for the Xbox Series consoles. Subcutaneously, the Instinct and Instinct Pro are almost identical to the official controllers. They also look largely the same, although in terms of features they are more comparable to the more expensive Xbox Elite Series 2 controller.

SCUF comes with the Instinct for 180 euros and the Instinct Pro for 210 euros. The company has clarified to The Verge that the new controllers are the same down to the motherboard as the official Xbox Series controllers. That means they will also get the firmware updates from the official controllers and have access to the Dynamic Latency Input function which should limit the latency through the controller. The SCUF controllers also work with Xbox One and PC, or via bluetooth with iOS and Android and other platforms. The Instinct controllers also look largely the same as the Xbox controllers, and according to The Verge, they also feel the same.

As far as the features are concerned, there are a number of additions. For example, the Instinct Pro has a switch on the back under the triggers to significantly reduce the travel of those triggers to about 0.2 mm. It should feel more like a mouse click. This more expensive Pro version also has rubber grips on the back. The regular Instinct controller lacks these two features, but is otherwise identical.

Both versions replace the housing, d-pad and thumbsticks. For example, SCUF supplies four thumbsticks with variations in colors, but also in dimensions. These types of accessories can also be ordered separately from SCUF. It is also possible to order a modified version without the vibration motors, so that the controller is twenty percent lighter. The separate rumble motors of the Impulse Triggers are probably still present. The Instinct controllers are available in a variety of colors and designs. Certain color options have a small additional cost, with which those versions of the Instinct Pro cost 230 euros.

Furthermore, both versions have four extra paddle buttons that are positioned under the slide for the batteries or accumulator. These can be programmed as if they were regular buttons. There are three storable profiles that users can switch between at the touch of a button. The color of the LED on the front changes every time. It’s at the bottom, directly below a dedicated mute button that only works with a wired headset. This is not limited to use with an Xbox console; this mute function also works when the controller is used in combination with a PC or a smartphone.

SCUF Gaming was acquired by Corsair at the end of 2019. It is a manufacturer of modular game controllers founded in 2011. At the time of the acquisition, it was emphasized that SCUF would continue to operate under its own name and that the company would also retain its headquarters in Atlanta.

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