Save the title and URL of your tabs in different formats with the CopyTabTitleUrl extension for Firefox and Chrome

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If you want to save your session, send the links to a friend or share a page on social networks. Copying and pasting a link is ok if the service has web previews to show what the URL is for. By including the title of the page, the recipient should get an idea of ​​what the link is about. But then you have to copy two things. This isn’t a problem if it’s just one or two links, but if you share pages often you may want a more efficient way to do that.

CopyTabTitleUrl is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to copy the URL of the web page in multiple ways.

Visit a web page and click the extension’s button on the browser toolbar. A small modal will appear. It has a few options.

Click the “Title and URL” button to copy the page’s tile and URL to the clipboard with a single click. It is stored as follows:

The second option, Title, only copies the title of the page.

The URL button will send the link to the clipboard

If you don’t like the pop-up window, you can right-click the CopyTabTitleUrl icon and select one of three copy options.

There is a fourth option that is very different. Format copies the web page title and Markdown format for links.

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