Samsung sentenced to 86 million euros in damages to Apple

A jury court has ordered Samsung to pay damages to Apple after it was found to have infringed three patents. The compensation has been set at approximately 86 million euros.

Samsung has been found guilty of infringing several Apple patents, according to a jury of a California court, Foss Patents reported. As a result, Samsung has to pay damages of 119.6 million dollars, converted slightly more than 86 million euros. At the same time, Apple has to pay an amount of 158,400 dollars to Samsung, for infringement of a patent of the latter.

The jury has ruled that Samsung does not infringe two of the five patents mentioned in the lawsuit with its smartphones and tablets. Samsung does infringe on patents that describe technology for contextually linking menus to telephone numbers and email addresses, slide-to-unlock and autocomplete. The jury also finds that Apple is infringing a Samsung patent that describes camera technology.

The damage amount determined by the jury is significantly less than the $2.2 billion that Apple had asked for. The final compensation has yet to be determined by the court. As a result, the amount can be even higher or lower. In an earlier patent case between the two tech companies, the jury ordered Samsung to pay approximately $1 billion in damages, but that was later nearly halved by the judge.