Samsung introduces 89″ microLED TV and gives The Frame matte screen

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Samsung is releasing three microLED TVs this year, with screen diagonals of 110″, 101″ and 89″. Last year Samsung introduced microLED TVs of 110 and 99 inches. matte screen.

Samsung’s 110″, 101″ and 89″ microLED TVs get an Art Mode to display art. They also get support for Dolby Atmos and can display 4k at 120fps images from four sources simultaneously, via the four HDMI ports Samsung has not yet disclosed more details, such as prices, as the microLED TVs are Samsung’s most expensive models.

MicroLED can compete with OLED in terms of image quality, but does not have the disadvantages of uneven wear of different colored LEDs. The production of the panels is still very expensive and the challenge is to make smaller sizes, which Samsung has taken another step with with its 89 “model.

Samsung is also announcing a new version of The Frame, the TV with picture frames to display art when further display is turned off. The new version will have a matte screen and will come in sizes from 32″ to 85″. The tiltable The Sero also gets a matte screen and the same goes for The Serif, the TV that stands on high legs like a kind of furniture. A 65″ model of The Serif will also be released. The smallest model measures 43 inches.

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