Samsung Introduces 512GB Module of DDR5 Memory with Compute Express Link

Samsung introduces a DDR5 module with a capacity of 512GB that uses the CXL interconnect. The module enables HPC systems and servers with tens of terabytes of memory.

The CXL memory module has an Edsff form factor, which Samsung says is suitable for use in future servers and data centers. In May last year, Samsung showed a first prototype that was still equipped with an fpga as a controller. In collaboration with other companies, Samsung has now created a specific CXL controller. That asic is integrated in the module. The manufacturer also notes that the capacity with 512GB is four times as large as with the previous CXL module.

The memory uses the CXL interconnect announced in 2019. That is a PCIe 5.0 interface between cpu and gpu, fpga or other accelerator, which among other things should provide cache coherency. The interconnect also allows for larger amounts of memory because more memory can be added than the number of memory channels of a processor allows.

Later in May, Samsung will make a new version of its Scalable Memory Development Kit available. Developers can use this SDk to make the CXL memory in systems interoperate with other memory systems.

The CXL memory modules are not yet for sale. Samsung will send samples to partners for evaluation and testing in the third quarter. The modules should then be launched together with the ‘next generation server platforms’.