‘Samsung Foundry may produce AMD Zen 5c chips’

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Samsung Foundry may soon produce chips for AMD. That’s what Digitimes says. AMD is said to have placed an order with Samsung asking for the next generation of Zen 5c chips to be baked on a 4nm process.

Samsung Foundry becomes according to Digitimes not the only chip manufacturer allowed to produce Zen 5c chips. AMD is said to have also placed an order with TSMC. That Taiwanese chip manufacturer would according to Tom’s Hardware can manufacture the advanced Zen 5c chips on a 3nm process, while Samsung Foundry can make the basic versions of the next generation of AMD chips on a 4nm process. These chips were reportedly internally codenamed prometheus.

The first chips based on the AMD Zen 5 architecture will appear on the market in 2024. That became known last year. AMD is said to have designed these chips from scratch, which means major changes in the architecture are expected. In addition to a regular version, Zen 5 chips would appear with both V-cache and compact cores. The latter version should be smaller and more efficient and would be called Zen 5c.

Roadmap CPU cores from AMD

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