Russia and Iran are the biggest sources of influence campaigns, according to Facebook

Russia and Iran are home to most organizations that want to manipulate or corrupt public debate in a coordinated way, according to Facebook. According to a report from the social media company. The United States was most affected by the influence campaigns.

According to Facebook’s security experts, since 2017, the company has shut down more than 150 attempts to influence it that violated its policy against Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior. The company has also been able to detect and remove 150 networks since 2017 that, according to the authors of the security report, had the purpose of misleading social media users.

The report shows that 27 of these networks could be linked to Russia and 23 networks to Iran. According to Facebook, 9 networks were active in the United States and Myanmar. The United States was the main target. Facebook claims to have removed 26 coordinated networks from its platforms operating in that country. Both the United Kingdom and Myanmar each faced eleven influencing campaigns.



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