Rumor: Next AirPods have AirPods Pro design

The following AirPods have the design of the AirPods Pro, claims financial news agency Bloomberg. The updated AirPods Pro would be smaller and more like recent models from Samsung and Google, the information said.

The current AirPods Pro

The future AirPods Pro will have a design without a trunk, reports Bloomberg. Apple is still working on getting all components to fit in the new design and therefore it can still change, according to the financial news agency. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has been known for years for his reliable info on unannounced Apple products.

The cheaper next-generation AirPods will have a shorter protrusion than the current AirPods Pro, but will have to do without features like active noise-canceling, according to reports. Both models will receive a new chip for a Bluetooth connection with other devices. It comes from Luxshare or Goertek, but Bloomberg does not tell you about new functions.

The article also mentions that problems with the production of the headband led to the postponement of AirPods Studio headphones. It should come next year and perhaps the headband will not be interchangeable. The new AirPods should also arrive next year.

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