Facebook changes conditions to make use of data more transparent

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Facebook has changed its terms and conditions for the first time in three years. The new text should make users clearer which data the social network collects, who gets access to those data and for which Facebook uses them.

Facebook does not ask for new rights and leaves all privacy settings as they stood, emphasizes the company . The amended conditions only serve to clarify users of the social network.

In the terms and conditions Facebook explains, among other things, that it uses private data to compile the newsfeed and give suggestions for pages. The American company also says to users that other services within the company, such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus, share data with each other.

The new conditions were also necessary to explain functions that have been gained over the past three years, such as live video, 360-degree footage and Marketplace, Facebook says. The step comes at a time when Facebook is involved in a privacy scandal surrounding the abuse of data from 50 million Facebook users. Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg will therefore appear next week for the US Congress.

In addition, Facebook has confirmed that it scans private messages on content that breaks the rules of the platform, reports Bloomberg . The company also mentions photos of child pornography as an example, but Facebook also scans text messages in addition to photos and videos. This is done with automated tools. If they detect a possible violation of the rules, people will look at the messages.

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