Rumor: Meta Cambria VR headset gets 2.48″ mini LED screens

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Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria VR headset will reportedly feature two 2.48″ mini LED screens with a resolution of 2160 by 2160 pixels. The Quest 3 may also feature micro OLED screens.

That writing VR analyst Brad Lynch and market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo independently. The Project Cambria headset was announced by Meta in November and matches previously unannounced animations of the Oculus Quest Pro, which have not yet been announced.

It was previously known that the Project Cambria would be equipped with cameras that capture the environment in color, so that wearers can see the world around them and the headset can also be used for AR display. The headset can also track eye movements and facial expressions of the wearer and body movements can be realistically represented in the virtual environment, said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Lynch and Ming-Chi now write that the glasses will be equipped with two 2.48″ mini LED screens with a resolution of 2160 by 2160 pixels. According to Ming-Chi, the headset uses two 2P pancake lenses from Yujingguang and Sunny Optical. Nweon emphasizes that although Ming-Chi is talking about the Quest 3 with these specs, he actually means Project Cambria, which corresponds to Lynch’s rumor, with the screens supplied by manufacturers Sharp and JDI, Lynch writes.

There is some uncertainty about when the headset should be released. The headset should be announced in the second quarter of 2022, according to Lynch, which would indicate an announcement before the end of June. Ming-Chi ‘predicts’ that the headset will be announced in mid-2022. According to Lynch, about three million headsets should be sold in the first year; Ming-Chi is talking about 1 to 2 million copies.

According to Lynch, unlike Project Cambria, the Quest 3 must be equipped with micro-OLED screens, which are made by Changxin Technology. There is no release date for the Quest 3 yet, but according to Lynch it would only be announced in 2023 and must be equipped with a soc developed by Meta.

Project Cambria

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