Rumor: LG V40 smartphone will get five cameras

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LG stops in the successor of the V30 smartphone according to a rumor five cameras. There would be two on the front, which may be used to unlock the phone with facial recognition.

A source familiar with LG’s plans told Android Police a face unlock method that supposedly works by creating a stereo image of the user’s face. This is possible with two cameras and it therefore seems that two front cameras are used for the technology. Using two cameras may make it more difficult to fool the system with a photo or mask.

The three other cameras are on the octagon and as usual LG would place a copy with a wide-angle lens next to a regular camera. LG has been doing that for years on its high-end models. It is not yet clear what the third camera adds to functionality. It could be an extra camera for stereo imaging to create a depth of field effect, or a sensor combined with a lens with a longer focal length for more zoom.

So far, only Huawei has released a smartphone with three rear cameras. That manufacturer uses a regular camera and a zoom lens in the P20 Pro, the third camera has a black-and-white sensor and is intended to capture more details and create a depth of field effect.

The new top model from LG would also have a screen with a notch, just like the G7 ThinQ. This is striking because LG also recently released the V35, which is a variant of the G7 but without a notch. The design of the new device would resemble that of the G7 and the Snapdragon 845-soc would also be the same. The new phone also gets a quad-dac.

It is not yet clear whether the device will actually be called V40. It would also not be clear whether LG opts for an OLED panel or uses an LCD. LG put an LCD in the G7 ThinQ, while an OLED panel was used in the recent V models. It is not yet clear when LG will announce its new top model. It is probably a device that should be released in the fall.

LG G7 ThinQ; the new model would have a similar design

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