Rumor: Google and LG are making smartwatch together

Google and LG are said to be planning to release smartwatches together. The same strategy would be followed as the Nexus line of smartphones and tablets. LG was the producer of the last two Nexus smartphones, but they were released under the Google banner.

The joint smartwatch from Google and LG will be announced at Google’s I/O conference in San Francisco in June, Cnet writes citing an anonymous source. In addition, Google plans to announce a special operating system for smartwatches next month.

The Nexus strategy would be followed in the making of the smartwach. Google determines the appearance, marketing and other details of a smartphone or tablet. LG was responsible for the production of the device for the last two Nexus smartphones; that collaboration may therefore continue with the smartwatch. Google Now, which lets users look up information but also determines for themselves which information is relevant to a user at a particular moment, plays a major role in the new smartwatch, according to Cnet.

There have been rumors of a smartwatch from both Google and LG for some time. Apple is also expected to work on a smartwatch, while Samsung has already dug one out. Sunday morning it appeared that Samsung is releasing two new smartwatches. They run on Samsung’s own operating system Tizen, instead of Android, like the Galaxy Gear.