Rumor: Facebook is working on its own cryptomunt

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It would be remarkable if Facebook chooses to bring its own currency on the market, at least how remarkable it is, in my opinion, would depend on how the own currency would be lured.

If it is through an ICO is with a good pre-mine for Facebook itself then it is only to do facebook to print money from air, say the goal where a lot of ico’s are being misused  |: (
If they would choose a coin to forken is that a piece ” fairer ” though that would be strange as the purpose of the coin would be to focus solely on facebook.
The most logical choice would be to just support the trading of to build an x ​​number of currencies between facebook users with a transaction fee for facebook.
Even though this would mean that Facebook is not only a social network but also the role of an exchange that would take on all rights and obligations, and if they really feel like it now I wonder  8) 7
Although this last option would be great for the adoption of crypto under piet and rita in the street : Y)


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