Rumor: Elon Musk wants to cut jobs at Twitter and pay executives less

Elon Musk is reportedly planning to cut jobs at Twitter and pay the board less. According to anonymous sources, the new owner of the social medium is looking for ways to improve the company’s cash flow in this way.

Musk would have proposed to pay the board of the social medium less to banks involved in the deal of 41 billion euros, according to three anonymous parties involved. opposite Reuters. It is reportedly an expression of Musk’s vision, not yet concrete plans. The billionaire should have had to justify to the banks how he will ensure that there is a healthy cash flow from Twitter.

Leave other sources opposite Bloomberg know that another option involves firing an unknown number of Twitter employees. No details are known about the actual jobs that could possibly disappear. Bloomberg emphasizes that Musk would not have had access to Twitter’s financial information at the time of the talks with the banks. The company information could still strongly influence his policy.

Musk previously stated that buying Twitter isn’t necessarily about getting richer. During a interview with TED, shortly after making his interest in Twitter public, he argued that such a platform should be an inclusive place for free speech. “It’s not a way to make money. Being a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important for the future of our civilization.”