Rumor: Disney wants to offer ‘Amazon Prime-esque’ subscription

Entertainment company Disney would consider a new subscription form in addition to its streaming subscription Disney +, which in addition to the streaming service would also include merchandise and discounts at theme parks, an American business newspaper reported.

Internally, employees call the plan Disney Prime, the Wall Street Journal reports. It is not obvious that that name will become the final name. The company wants consumers to spend more by bundling services and products, and make better recommendations because they have more data about customer preferences.

The subscription, the successor to the D23 subscription that is for fans only and costs $ 99 per year, would, among other things, allow the link between the streaming service and merchandise. As an example, the newspaper mentions that only subscribers have the option to buy a ‘dark saber’ when watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. Discounts on theme parks and recommendations based on attractions that customers visit most often in those theme parks would also be possible. Because of this bundling, the subscription must appeal to more customers than the D23 subscription. That subscription also includes a discount on Disney+.

Disney has not commented on the story. The company has been offering its streaming service for several years now. It is still unknown if and when the new subscription should come on the market.