Rumor: Apple Watch 8 ‘Pro’ gets a new design

The sports version of the Apple Watch 8, which may be called ‘Pro’, will receive a renewed design, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. It is said to be a change from the current rectangular shape.

In his Power On newsletter, Gurman writes that the Pro model of the upcoming Apple Watch will have a ‘fresh design’. The smartwatch wouldn’t have the same rectangular shape as the current Apple Watch 7, but it wouldn’t be circular either. It is not clear what the device will look like, although Gurman states that rumors about flat edges are incorrect.

Bloomberg previously wrote that the sports version of the next Apple Watch will have a larger screen and a larger battery compared to the standard version of the wearable. The screen is reportedly about seven percent larger, which should allow the device to display more fitness data at a glance. It is a screen of almost 2″ with a resolution of 410×502 pixels.

Because it is a sports variant, the display would be made of reinforced glass. The larger battery should also enable longer workouts. However, the battery capacity of the smartwatch is unknown. A fever thermometer may also be present.

The new Apple Watch and its Pro version have not yet been officially announced by Apple. The tech giant usually does this in September, when the new iPhones are also announced.

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