Rumor: Apple wants to show more ads in its own apps

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Apple would like to show more ads in its own apps, says Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman. The company has already tested this in its own card program, among other things. There will be no Apple ads in third-party apps, Gurman says.

Ads in Apple App Store

The ads in the map program would be paid positions on certain search results, just like with Google Maps. Ads will probably also appear in apps that show digital goods, such as Apple Books and Apple Podcasts. There may be ads in TV+, as many streaming services will.

Create the ads use of data that Apple collects in its various services, claims Gurman. Users can turn that off, and 78 percent of iOS 15 users have done so. The company does not show its own tracking pop-up, because it only collects data in its own apps and not on websites and third-party apps.

Ads in News, Stocks and the App Store are currently bringing in $4 billion a year for Apple, and that should reach $10 billion or more in the coming years, Gurman claims. Apple has not confirmed the information, though the company has been speaking publicly about its ad revenue for years during its quarterly earnings discussions. It has also been showing advertisements for its own services on iPhones and iPads for much longer, such as for TV+, Apple One and iCloud.

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