Rumor: Amazon will release high-end Echo speaker next year

Amazon is working on an Echo speaker with better sound quality than the speakers the company has released so far. Bloomberg claims that. The manufacturer should be able to compete better with Google, Sonos and Apple.

The prototypes that Amazon has developed are cylindrical models that are wider than existing Echos and that contain at least four tweeters, Bloomberg claims, based on information from sources familiar with Amazon’s plans. Sometime next year, the high-end speakers in the Echo series should appear, but Bloomberg is reluctant and writes that Amazon may decide not to go through with the plans. Later this year, the existing Echo line will at least receive an update with minor improvements, according to the site.

The report follows rumors earlier this year that Amazon is working on a music service with higher quality audio than its existing Prime Music service. This would allow the company to compete with Tidal and Deezer, among others. With a high-end speaker, Amazon would compete with the Sonos One, Apple Homepod and Google Home Max. These differ from other smart speakers by a relatively good sound quality. In September last year, Amazon already announced a subwoofer for the Echo for users who want better sound quality.

Bloomberg also writes about the home robot that Amazon is also working on according to previous rumors. This would get wheels and can be operated with the Alexa voice assistant. Few details are known about this robot, but recently Amazon is said to have put more engineers on the project called Vesta.

Echo sub, Amazon’s subwoofer in the Echo line