Rumor: Amazon is developing its own TV and partnering with TCL

Amazon would like to sell Amazon TVs in the United States, for which the company would have two plans. In October, the company plans to sell TVs developed and designed by TCL as Amazon TVs. Amazon is also developing its own television.

Business Insider writes that Amazon would now partner with multiple television manufacturers, including TCL. These are TVs that come with Alexa, the anonymous sources say. The first televisions would appear in October and have screen sizes from 55 to 75 inches.

The Insider sources do note that Amazon would have logistical issues with the TVs; it is unclear whether this will have an impact on the October release month. As far as we know, Amazon only plans to sell the TVs in the US. The company has been working on the introduction of Amazon TVs in the United States for two years.

Amazon would also develop its own TV internally, although Insider does not provide any details about this. It’s not the first time Amazon has released its own TV; in India, the company now sells AmazonBasics TVs. These get Alexa and the Fire TV interface. This includes 55 and 50-inch models. As far as we know, Amazon did not develop these TVs itself. With the Amazon devices, Amazon would like Alexa to be present in as many places in the house as possible and easily accessible.

Amazonbasics TV like the company supplying it in India