Roccat combines mechanical keys with membrane technology

Roccat has released the Horde Aimo, a keyboard for gamers that, according to the manufacturer, is in fact a hybrid between a standard membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

According to Roccat, the Horde Aimo’s membrane keys are a compromise between membrane keyboards and mechanical variants, with a relatively quick-to-reach actuation point in the middle of a key’s travel distance. The actuation speed would be 7.8ms, while that value is 9ms with a membrane keyboard according to Roccat. The manufacturer does not mention the average speed of mechanical keyboards for comparison. In addition, pressing the keys would produce relatively little noise.

RGB lighting is also available, which can be tuned to other Roccat Aimo devices. The keyboard has five somewhat flatter macro keys, which according to Roccat have an actuation speed of 5ms. The manufacturer has added a rotary knob with which users can set the volume, brightness and color quite precisely in steps. The Horde Aimo weighs 1100g, is available in black, gray or white and costs 99 euros.