Riot brings League of Legends and Valorant to Epic Games Store, among others

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Riot’s free-to-play titles League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra have been made available on the Epic Game Store. These additions are part of Riot’s marketing campaign to promote the Netflix series Arcane.

To play the games through Epic Games’ online store, players will need the Riot Client. That is a hub from which Riots games can be started. Installing one of the games through Epic makes it possible to launch the game right from the Epic Games Store app or a desktop shortcut. Just like when users play Riots games through Steam, that way people don’t have to open the Riot Client themselves and navigate to the game they want.

User data of the games is linked to a Riot Games account. Therefore, users who already play one of these games can transfer their save data when installing the game via Epic’s store. The friends list is also linked to that account and is therefore also transferred.

The addition of these games is part of a partnership between Epic and Riot to promote the upcoming Netflix animated series Arcane. That series will appear on Sunday and is based on League of Legends. As another part of this campaign, Jinx from the LoL franchise was added to Fortnite on Thursday.

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