Respawn shows trailer of new Control mode in Apex Legends

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Developer Respawn Entertainment has provided more information about the upcoming Control mode in Apex Legends in a new trailer. In this new game mode, players must collect points by conquering and defending locations. The game mode is temporarily playable.

Respawn Entertainment previously announced that a new mode will be coming to the online shooter in February, which will be playable for a certain time. The developer has released more details about what Control will look like in a trailer and blog post. In addition to the new mode, the developer is also adding a new character to the game and returning an old level to the battle royale mode.

In Control, players must capture three different strategic points and defend them for as long as possible to earn points. There are two teams of nine players each. The first team to collect 1250 points in this way wins the game. If a team strongly prevails and manages to occupy all three points, the game ends earlier.

Players can quickly respawn in Control if they are defeated, at the starting point, or at a point their team currently owns. Weapons, unlike the battle royale mode, are not picked up during gameplay, instead players choose a load-out before going into battle. The moment players respawn, they can choose another gear if the gameplay requires it.

It is not the first mode that Respawn adds to the originally battle royale game. Last summer, players could already go wild in a new Arena mode. This mode has been definitively added to the game, but it remains to be seen how often Control will be playable. Respawn calls it a ‘Limited Time Mode’ and it is only playable for the first three weeks of the new season. Until about the end of February.

The new character Mad Maggie will be added to the game for good. In addition, the Olympus level returns. This level was introduced in season seven, but later retired. Respawn Entertainment has made the necessary changes. The biggest change is teleporting objects. According to the developer, this should make battles in the battle royale mode more dynamic, because the playing field will always change.

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