Respawn Shows Storm Point Island Map For Apex Legends

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Apex Legends will receive a new map, Storm Point, with the start of the 11th season on November 2. It’s the biggest map for the battleroyale game to date, the makers say. Players not only encounter each other on the island, but also monsters.

Storm Point is located on the planet Gaea and is based on an abandoned IMC research base, developer Respawn Entertainment writes in a blog. The playing field is 15 percent larger than World’s Edge, which was the largest map for the free-to-play game to date. The map consists of various locations, from tropical islands to high mountains.

At Storm Point, players can use Gravity Cannons, which are a type of jump pads that move players through the air in a certain direction. Halfway through the matches, players will have to deal with Wildlife Nests. With that, monsters and large spiders appear on the map.

Season 11 of Apex Legends will be called Escape and will begin on November 2. The new season also introduces a new Legend: Ash. That character can create a portal to teleport in one direction to a chosen location.

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