Renders show alleged AMD AM5 socket

Renders have surfaced that allegedly show AMD’s upcoming AM5 socket. The images show the LGA1718 socket with cover and mounting lever. AMD uses another pin grid array for the AM4 socket

If the renders that ExecutableFix publishes actually show the upcoming AM5 socket, next year’s Ryzen desktop processors will have a similar LGA socket to Intel. The images show a cover with a lever that has to be pressed down to get the processor in place. Furthermore, the IHS, the integrated heat spreader , of what would be the future Ryzen chip.

AMD would also move from a pin grid array to a land grid array for the Ryzen chips . With the Threadripper and EPYC processors, AMD already uses LGA with the LGA4094 socket. The advantage of PGA is that the processor falls into the holes of the socket on the motherboard without much pressure. On the other hand, the pins can be damaged. With LGA, the risk of damaging the CPU is much lower.

The socket is said to be intended for the upcoming Zen 4 based Ryzen processors for the desktop, codenamed Raphael. AMD would have these produced at 5nm. They would succeed the Zen 3 based Ryzen 5000 processors with AM4 socket, codenamed Vermeer, next year. ExecutableFix previously published alleged details about the AM5 platform .