Render shows details OnePlus 5 smartphone

A render of what would be the OnePlus 5 smartphone has appeared. The device in the photo has a design with flat sides and a flat front. It is a metal design with antenna lines that curve upwards.

The render matches the image Android Police posted online on Tuesday, but shows the entire back and sides. Twitterer Slashleaks published the render of the back and sides. Slashleaks was the first to show the design of the Galaxy S8 and various Motorola smartphones. In contrast to the mostly glass backs of the top models of many other manufacturers, OnePlus again opts for metal, with upwards curving antenna lines such as the iPhone 7 series. At the bottom you can see cutouts for the USB-C port and the 3.5mm jack.

Although the image appears to match that of Android Police, there are differences. The color is slightly different and the button under the Mute switch is not the same either. The design on the render is reminiscent of that of the Oppo R11. Oppo and OnePlus both belong to the same parent company, BBK. Little is known about the details of the smartphone, but OnePlus previously said that the phone will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-soc. The manufacturer will present the phone on June 20.