Remaster Saints Row: The Third pops up on US certification website

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The existence of Saints Row: The Third Remastered has been revealed via an ESRB page. It looks very likely that the 2011 open world action game will be re-released. The platforms listed are Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The ESRB is the American organization that deals with age classification for video games. There is no new information on the page; it is limited to a description of the most extreme content, the platforms and the name of the game. So there is no release date.

At the time, Saints Row: The Third was published by THQ, but it has since gone bankrupt. Now the rights to the game are in the hands of Koch Media, which also owns the developer, Volition. The Saints Row franchise has not stood still: a little over a year ago Saints Row: The Third was released for the Nintendo Switch and part four was also released for Nintendo’s console last month.

Parent company Koch Media stated in an interview with last year that an all-new Saints Row game is also on the way and that more will be revealed sometime in 2020.

Trailer of the original 2011 Saints Row: The Third

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