Reddit orders SaveVideo and RedditSave bots to stop

Reddit has ordered the developer of the SaveVideo and Redditsave bots to stop allowing videos to be saved to Reddit. The maker has responded to this, after Reddit threatened with a lawsuit.

In a Reddit post, the person behind the bot says that “the gods of reddit” have reached out and said to stop SaveVideoBot and RedditSave. If the person does not do this, he or she risks a lawsuit. The person behind you/savevideo agrees to the request and stops the bots from working.

The bots, with which videos could be downloaded, were used by millions of people, according to TorrentFreak. The exact reason behind the bot’s downing is not mentioned, but it is most likely related to copyrights.

It’s not the first time SaveVideo has gone offline. Five months ago, the account was banned for three days and again for 72 hours a month ago. Moreover, according to TorrentFreak, SaveVideo is not the only bot that has it with Reddit. Previously, VRedditShare, VRedditDownloader and SaveThisVideo were also suspended. The latter due to complaints from OnlyFans.

Update 18:45 – In a comment on r/Technology, a Reddit admin says that Reddit is not responsible for the summons to SaveVideoBot, and that Reddit is trying to figure out who the user got this summons from.