Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller can be purchased separately for $ 1

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released its RP2040 microcontroller separately. The chip costs 1 dollar each. At the beginning of this year, the foundation announced the 133MHz microcontroller and a complete module in the form of the Raspberry Pi Pico has already appeared.

Raspberry Pi RP2040

The individual RP2040 microcontroller is intended for people who want to make their own module. It is exactly the same chip as the one on the Raspberry Pi Pico, which appeared at the beginning of this year. Sellers of Raspberry Pi products are going to sell the microcontroller for $ 1 each. The complete Pi Pico module costs 4.5 euros.

Manufacturers such as Adafruit, Arduino, Sparkfun and Pimoroni were already able to buy the separate microcontroller in bulk and have previously released products with the RP2040. The Raspberry Pi Foundation now also sells the chip individually to consumers.

The RP2040 consists of two Arm Cortex-M0 + cores with a clock speed of 133MHz. There is 264 kilobytes of memory on the soc. The one is made at 40nm and has dimensions of 2x2mm; the complete soc is in a 7x7mm QFN56 package.

1.3 million Raspberry Pi Pico modules

According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, more than 600,000 Pi Pico modules have been shipped since January, and an additional 700,000 have been ordered. Hundreds of people have asked the foundation to deliver the RP2040 separately and that is why the organization has decided to now sell 40,000 units separately. The plan was actually to do that three months later. In the autumn, the foundation says it will be able to supply both the Pi Pico and the separate microcontroller in larger volumes.