Raspberry Pi foundation opens physical store in UK

The Raspberry Pi foundation has opened its first brick and mortar store. The Raspberry Pi Store is located in Cambridge and, in addition to development boards, also sells merchandise and books. There are also examples of what is possible with the hardware.

The foundation announces the opening of the store with a short message on its blog and a video on YouTube showing the interior. The shop is located in the Grand Arcade shopping center in the city of Cambridge and is open daily.

In the store, the foundation sells its hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi 3B+, the latest development board. The organization asks 32 pounds for this, which is about 36.50 euros. The RPi 3A+ model retails for £23 and the new Compute Module 3+ is available from £27.

It is the first time that the Raspberry Pi foundation is selling its products itself. The foundation, which has been in existence since 2012, previously only supplied the development boards through resellers.