Rabobank releases Google Pay support and stops Rabo Wallet on 1 August

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Rabobank will allow users to pay with Google Pay from Tuesday 17 May. In addition, the bank will stop using the Rabo Wallet app on 1 August. Rabobank previously said it would make this switch, but it was not clear when this would happen.

Rabobank users can activate Google Pay via the Rabobank app from Tuesday, the bank said in a press release. With Google Pay, customers can pay contactless with their Android smartphone or smartwatch. It is also possible to pay via Google Pay in web stores and in apps. Rabobank already announced last week that it would come with Google Pay support ‘in the short term’, but did not announce a concrete date yet.

Rabobank already allows Android users to pay contactless via their smartphone with the Rabo Wallet app. According to the bank, the app will eventually expire and will be phased out on August 1. Users must then switch to Google Pay or other payment methods, such as their physical debit card or smartwatch options such as Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay.

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