Power Unlimited sells complete digital archive of 30 years old on USB stick

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Video game magazine Power Unlimited will release a USB stick in September containing digital versions of all magazines published so far. The magazine is doing this because of its thirtieth anniversary. The USB stick costs 39.95 euros.

PowerUnlimited let us know on its website that this will be the only time when the digital archive will become available. The magazine says supplies are limited, but doesn’t say how many USB sticks will be made. In addition to the USB stick for 39.95 euros, the stick is also for sale with an anniversary issue that looks back at the history of the magazine. This costs 11.95 euros without a USB stick or 47.50 euros with a stick.

The USB stick will be delivered around September 27, the date on which all subscribers will receive the magazine. Power Unlimited has been writing about everything related to games since 1993 and in that time has grown into an authority in the field of games magazines. The magazine is published ten times a year.

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