Philips TV can continue to use slogan 'The best OLED TV you can buy'

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According to the judge, Philips TV may continue to use the slogan “ The best OLED TV you can buy ” for its OLED TVs. The company uses this slogan in several expressions after Philips model 55POS9002 won several awards. The judge is now also of the opinion that this slogan may be used in the Philips TV campaigns.

The best OLED TV you can buy

People at Philips TV have always assumed that there is nothing wrong with this slogan, but are equally pleased with the verdict of the judge. Martijn Smelt, CMO at TP Vision: “At Philips TV we believe in our products and we are proud of all the awards and positive reviews. For the generation OLED TVs from 2017-2018, we received a lot of praise and various awards from, among others, What Hi-Fi, AV Forum, EISA and Red Dot. We have always known that we are selling an excellent product and are therefore very happy that the judge agrees with us. “

A growing OLED market

The Philips 55POS9002 received several awards and was especially praised for its competitive pricing in combination with the latest techniques, such as a P5 picture engine. Partly for this reason, various professional juries and consumer panels found the TV distinctive in an ever-expanding OLED market. Each pixel in the OLED screen of Philips produces its own color and light and is completely black when the TV is switched off.

The deep black pixels generate a maximum color palette and a special contrast, making the images even more vivid. The combination of OLED with Ambilight creates a whole new experience: black becomes even blacker, colors come to life and the light effects on the wall make the screen even bigger.

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