Petition against new Netflix series

The trailer of the new series on Netflix Insatiable, has already caused a lot of fuss. People criticize the series because it would be fatshaming. Now there is a petition against the release of the series.

Fat shaming

The series is about an overweight girl. She is being bullied by fellow students. Just before the summer break begins, she breaks her jaw after a blow. She does not find this totally annoying. It is even good, because the jaw surgery she can no longer eat and the kilos fly off. She goes to the popular group at school. In the new school year she takes revenge on her bullies.

Many people share the opinion that Netflix in this series offends people with obesity, ‘fatshaming’.

Petition against Netflix series

More than 100,000 people have signed the online petition. According to the initiator of the petition, the series can cause eating disorders and give young women the idea that being thin leads to popularity.

The series can be seen on Netflix from 10 August.