Pentagon prohibits the location feature on fitness trackers

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In the Pentagon headquarters of the American armed forces, it is forbidden in a number of places to use the location option of fitness trackers. From the location data can be deduced where troops are located.

Fitness trackers Pentagon

The fitness trackers and devices and apps with GPS may still be used, but the location data must be in some places in the building. Location data not only provide information about the place of stay, but also about the person himself, about the number of military personnel and about routines. Different places in the building have a different risk level.

Strava datalek

Earlier this year, the locations of military bases could be traced via Strava. The ‘heat maps’ were visible to everyone. This bore the Pentagon a lot of worries. In May, Huawei and ZTE phones were banned, because the Chinese government can let these companies use information about the soldiers.

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