PC Gaming Show keeps things simple

The PC Gaming Show is always a bit weird at the end of E3. It should be the showpiece for PC games, but all major titles are often first revealed at the publishers-shows themselves and so it is just repetition of trailers and some indie titles. Not that there can be no pearls here, but I thought it was a bit mediocre this year. Yet there are still a number of games worth keeping an eye on.


The Walking Dead

Like The Walking Dead from developer Overkill. The game has been in development for quite some time, but at last it will come out on November 8 this year. It is an FPS co-op that is based on the popular series. Each player fulfills a specific role / task and the aim is to kill zombies and complete missions together, so that you will eventually be able to survive.


We can crawl back into the skin of a great white shark in a while. You can terrorize the waters of the United States in this game. For when you are really hungry you can even dive dry and try to get some human flesh between your jaws. Although this is of course a “not so serious” game, but just seemed to work well, he is definitely on my list. Nothing as fun as occasionally just causing chaos in a game, and why not as shark, right?

Maverick’s Proving Ground

Not a title that I immediately say that you him must play, because it is the umpteenth Battle Royale game. Still, it is worth mentioning as the developer calls that you do not start this game with 100 players, but with 1000!


Coffee Stain studios, creators of the legendary game Goat Simulator came up with a game called Satisfactory . The game revolves around building machines and making them as large as possible. Link everything together and make mega machines that you can only dream of. It looked pretty fun, but what the exact goal of the game was there, I did not really find out. Not that this was the case with [GoatSimulator so the studio remains nice and consistent. The map must cover a good 30 kilometers so you can build on it to your heart’s content.


I was somewhat surprised when I saw Sega pass by during the PC Gaming Show. Still I was happy afterwards, because Sega will also release a lot of their games for the PC. Nothing new, but nice games for people who have not played them on a console yet. Consider Shining Resonance Refrain, Shenmue I + 2, Yakuza Kiwami, Valkyrie Chronicles 4, and Yakuza Zero. With greetings from Sega we will say.

Star Citizen

It is not a PC Gaming Show if Star Citizen has not passed. this game has been in development for several years and promises to offer an epic MMO space adventure – if the game ever comes to an end. Developer Cloud Emperium came by to show their latest alpha build. Honestly, the game still looks great, but in the meantime a final release date would be fun too.

Genesis Alpha One

Team 17, the developer for countless Worms games, comes up with something new. This time no worms waging war, but a shooter. Although there was not much information about the game yet, the trailer did not look too bad at all. The coming time more should be known, because the game will come out in September.

Rapture Rejects

Most will know the Cyanide and Happiness webcomics. The dark humor often brings a smile to my face. That is why I am also enthusiastic about the game they make together with Galvanic Studios. Rapture Rejects is a persiflage on the battle royal genre. From a 3D top down perspective, it is also necessary here to remain the last and everyone who stands in your way to come down to the sky. Although there are already enough battle royal games, this is really one that I have to play. A release date is not yet known, but you can already sign up for the alpha on www.RaptureRejects.com .

As you can see, a lot has passed during the PC Gaming Show. This overview is far from everything, but these were the more eye-catching games. Nothing very shocking this year, but as I said before there are still some games that are worthwhile, even though these are not the big AAA games, but games that you can entertain yourself well and have fun