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Ozark season 2, money laundering for the advanced

A new season Ozark is about to arrive at Netflix . The main role of Marty Byrde in the series is played by Jason Bateman. Marty has a special job and can launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. You often read something about it, but how exactly that works exactly does not really know anyone. In that respect it is great fun because Marty clearly has no problem with it and during the series gives you equal tutoring in creative bookkeeping. Unfortunately, it does not all work exactly as he had imagined.

Ozark season 1

The bad guys, whether or not they cooperate with the friends of Pablo Escobar ( Narcos ) can not really appreciate Marty’s creativity. To save himself and his family, he moves with his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) and the children to Ozark, a special water sport area deeply hidden in Missouri. Mission of the so-called ‘good guy’ Camino del Rio to Marty is to launder 50 million dollars within 6 months. And despite the fact that the bookkeeper does not go bad, he gets further and further into the penarie and he gets to stick with the local rascals under the leadership of a Jacob Shell. The first series also ends in this misery. The end of the first season was more or less intended as a cliffhanger for this new season.

Ozark season 2

The trailer of season 2 speaks for itself and ultimately gives little away from the plot. It seems that this season will also bring more action. In addition to the trailer, Jason Bateman has already indicated in interviews that he will be more concerned with the relationship with his wife Wendy and will try to build a casino so that money laundering is easier. It will probably go wrong in the beginning before it slows down a little bit better ‘Marty’. It is clear that bad guy Jacob Shell is committed to making the Byrde family as unpleasant as possible.

Ozark bingewatchen is a must

Ozark is a series where it is not always a spectacle as you might be used to from American series. Yet the story is fascinating and you want to know how it goes after each episode. Best advice, we know it’s an in store, just watch the series in one go or go bingewatching. We also have to see him and can not wait. Ozark is a series that is more than worth it.

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