Oppo announces when smartphones will get Android 10 and tease Reno 3

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Smartphone maker Oppo has announced when its smartphones will receive upgrades to Android 10. In addition, the manufacturer will release the Reno 3 next month, the successor to the Reno 2 that appeared last month.

The upgrade to Android 10 with ColorOS 7 will be available from next week for the Reno that appeared in May, along with the Reno 10X Zoom and Reno Ace, according to information from Oppo on Weibo. Phones from last year such as the Find X and R17 Pro will be up and running early next year. The upgrade to the Realme X2 and X2 Pro will come next spring. Realme is a subsidiary brand of Oppo.

The upgrade includes a new font, dark mode, and several other changes in addition to the upgrade to the new operating system. Oppo also claims that apps should start faster after the upgrade.

Oppo also posted a teaser for Reno 3 to be released next month. That is the successor to the Reno 2 that came out in October and which in turn was the successor to the first Reno from May this year. It is unknown why the manufacturer is launching new models at such a rapid pace. The manufacturer will hold an event next week, at which it will probably announce the phone. The teaser indicates that it is a model with 5g.

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