OPPO announces OHealth H1 health gadget with sleep tracking and ECG function

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OPPO has announced the OHealth H1 health gadget. The oval device weighs 95 grams and can measure a user’s heart rate, oxygen saturation and sleep rhythm, and perform ECGs, among other things. It is not known when the gadget will be released.

The OHealth H1 has sensors on the bottom with which various measurements can be made. OPPO says that the gadget can take an electrocardiogram within 30 seconds for diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias, and at the same time measure a user’s blood oxygen level and heart rate. The gadget can also be used to measure body temperature and as a stethoscope to check certain heart and lung functions.

OPPO says it applies different algorithms to analyze all this data. For example, the ECG and the sounds recorded with the stethoscope function are processed by algorithms to detect any health problems. The results of the measurements can be viewed via the OHealth app.

In addition, the Chinese tech brand states that the H1 can be used as a sleep tracker. To do this, the user must place the gadget 20 centimeters from the pillow, after which movements, breathing and heart rate are monitored. Once again, an algorithm from the OPPO Health Lab analyzes the data to determine the sleep quality of users.

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