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Opera for Android adds ethereum wallet to browser

The release version of the Opera browser with ethereumwallet has been released. At the moment it is only about the Android version, although a desktop version with the same possibility is already available for developers. The browser also supports Ethereum-DApps and the web3-API.

Opera released the beta of this Android version in July. Since last month there are also desktop versions available that are equipped with the same wallet. Opera does not publish many technical details about the function, but at the time of the beta, it already stated that the wallet has support for erc20 tokens.

Users do not have to generate new PINs or passwords, because they can approve transactions according to Opera via ‘the system lock function of Android’, with which it may mean that people can use their fingerprint or lock screen code. The browser saves encryption keys locally, the browser builder said at the time.

Users can also try decentralized apps from inside the crypto wallet, but they need to have ethereum in their wallet. An example of such an app is CryptoKitties . Opera cites this example when it states that there is support for unique erc721 – collectibles.


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