OneTab extension – save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

Running many tabs of browser could slow down your devices. Moving tabs into OneTab can speed up computer by reducing the CPU load.

Whenever you face difficulty in browsing due to low memory Just click the OneTab icon. This will convert all of your tabs into a list. You can access the tabs again by restore them individually or all at once.
By converting all tab into OneTab list, you can save up to 95% of memory.
You can easily export and import tabs as a list of URLs. You can create and share a web page from your list of tabs. You can drag and drop tabs in your OneTab list to rearrange them. You can also hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key while restoring tabs and they will remain in your OneTab list.
You will not lose your list of tabs if you accidentally close the OneTab window, if your browser crashes, or if restart your computer.
To install OneTab Click HERE


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