OnePlus will fix OnePlus 8’s ‘black crush’ issues via software update

OnePlus says it is investigating the OnePlus 8’s “black crush” issue and plans to fix it with a next OxygenOS update. It is the second time that OnePlus has had to release a software update for the phone to fix screen issues.

On Reddit, among others, OnePlus 8 users complain about the black crush, where dark scenes show little detail. According to a Reddit user, OnePlus customer service has told him that it is a hardware problem, for which he must send his device for repair.

On Twitter lets OnePlus now know it is a software issue which will be fixed in a next update. It is not clear when this update will be released. It is not clear from the tweet whether this issue affects both OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro users. Most of the complaints seem to come from 8 Pro users.

When our review of the OnePlus 8 series was published, users were found to have complaints about the phones’ screens. At the time, the smartphone maker said it would “investigate” the problems and release updates for the phones “as soon as they are ready”. A week and a half ago, OnePlus released an update that should fix the screen problems. Then it was about green tones at lower brightness and the touch sensitivity of the screen at the edges.