OnePlus says it has solved the problem with touch latency at 3 and 3T

OnePlus leader Carl Pei announces in a very short message that the problem with the touch latency, or the delay between a screen touch and a response from the smartphone, has been solved in the Oneplus 3 and 3T.

The problem with the touch latency only occurs with those two devices. In November of last year recognized Carl Pei discussed the issues surrounding the phones and promised his company would look into it. However, the release of Android N on the company’s latest phones did precede it. Now, just over four months later, Pei know that the touch latency issue has been resolved. It is unknown when the update containing the fix for the problem will be distributed to users. The fixes are already available in beta form.

Pei also indicates in his tweet that Oneplus is working on the alert slider. That is the slider with which users can easily set the phone to silent, for example. In feedback messages, owners of the devices indicate that they would like more options to define the different modes with certain phone settings. That is now being worked on.

While this is definitely positive for users of the phones in question, other OnePlus users are not satisfied with the level of support their devices are getting. Last week, a group of owners of the OnePlus One, 2 and X protested to point out that longer support was promised than those devices have received. OnePlus has not yet responded to this.