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OnePlus comes in early 2019 with a 5g smartphone in a new series

OnePlus announced that it will present a smartphone with 5g support in a new series at the beginning of 2019. The successor of the OnePlus 6T, presumably the OnePlus 7, therefore does not receive 5g support.

The 5g smartphone is part of ‘a completely new line’ that has to expand the manufacturer’s offer, says a OnePlus spokesperson against CNET Spain. OnePlus has released one smartphone in the last few years and comes with a T version six months later. The brand, therefore, seems to be moving away from that strategy. Perhaps the 5g smartphone will be a more expensive model.

OnePlus already announced in October according to Engadget one of the first manufacturers, perhaps the first, to want to be with a 5g smartphone. Chief Carl Pei said this at a Qualcomm meeting. OnePlus has already done a test at Qualcomm in August this year with a 5g modem. In an interview with The Verge, OnePlus said that it also cooperates with European providers for its 5g smartphone.

Presumably, the smartphone with 5g is only released in countries where at the moment of appearance actually 5g available is. That could be a reason for omitting 5g support with the 6T successor that comes out worldwide. It will take years before 5g is available everywhere.

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