Apple will be introducing three new iPhones in 2019 – and they will remain huge

Anyone who hoped for a handy version of the iPhone XS would be disappointed. The iPhones that Apple presented this year were bigger than ever and the 2019 iPhones hold on to the same screen sizes. This is reported by the reliable Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo.

iPhone 2019 format

 iPhone XS and iPhone XR

The analyst predicts that the iPhone line-up will look much the same in 2019 as this year. Again, Apple would like to launch two OLED devices that have a screen size of 5.8 and 6.5 inches. In addition, Apple is again offering a cheaper 6.1-inch version with LCD display.

For many iPhone users, maneuverability is important than screen size, but for the time being Apple does not seem to be working on a smaller version. For months there has been no mention in the rumors circuit of a successor to the iPhone SE, which has a 4-inch screen and has disappeared from Apple’s line-up.

The formats and the screen technology will therefore remain the same in 2019, but the phones get a new type of antenna. Kuo expects Apple to go for Modified Pi technology (MPI). Now only Crystal Polymer antennas (LCP) are used.

An important reason for the switch to MPI is that there are more suppliers to this, which means that Apple has a better negotiating position. In addition, the antenna would perform as well as the LCP technology. Another advantage is that MPI can handle the high-frequency bands required for the support of 5G. Reportedly, the iPhone 2019 gets four new MPI antennas and they continue to use two LCP antennas.

iPhone 2019 rumors

Because the iPhone XS was a typical S-update, more innovations are expected with the iPhone 2019. Probably the camera gets a big upgrade – the iPhone may even be equipped with a triple lens. There is also a chance that the notch in the screen will become smaller, or even disappear completely.

Furthermore, the rumors about the iPhone 2019 are still scarce, but undoubtedly we will hear more about the new flagship in the coming months. The launch of the iPhones will take some time; which is probably mid-September 2019.