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On Instagram you can now send polls via a direct message

Via direct messages on Instagram you can send polls as of today. Polls could already be sent via the stories, but now you can select Instagram friends to whom you send the poll.

Polls Instagram

You can also send the polls in a group chat. Everyone in the group chat then sees the results of the poll. No groundbreaking update from Instagram, but just an extra addition in terms of interactivity. If you are going to eat with a group of people, you can ask nicely what everyone wants!


Instagram focuses strongly on the connection between users. For the stories, users can also use emoji sliders and question stickers. With an emoji slider you indicate how nice you find something, by shifting the bar. The further to the right, the more fun. The question sticker also gives users reason to ask the Instagram friends something. Fun for everyone, but for influencers, or semi-influencers, very useful.

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