Oculus Quest 2 gets 120Hz mode and Air Link for wireless VR game play

Facebook comes with an update for the Oculus Quest 2 that supports a refresh rate of 120Hz and wireless streaming of VR games via Air Link. The update will be released gradually.

Oculus reports on its blog that the v28 software update gives players and developers more choices by enabling the option of 120Hz. Developers will soon be able to release apps in the Oculus Store that run natively at 120Hz, and users of the Quest 2 can choose that refresh rate via a setting in the Experimental panel. Currently there are no apps that support 120Hz and the entire interface of the Quest 2 will continue to work at 90Hz. Earlier, the company already put 120Hz support on its roadmap. The Oculus Quest 2 had a refresh rate of 72Hz at release, but an experimental mode for 90Hz was already available at that time. This 90Hz mode has been officially available for some time now.

In addition, the new update brings support for Air Link. This is a streaming technology that allows VR PC games to be played wirelessly on the Quest 2 via WiFi. Oculus presents Air Link as an alternative to Oculus Link cables, which allows the VR glasses to be connected to a PC via USB-C. According to Oculus, Air Link is only a good option if there is a strong Wi-Fi signal, with play taking place about six meters from the router. In less than optimal Wi-Fi conditions, the company recommends using the wired Link solution over USB-C. The manufacturer also says that players should use this wired option if they want to experience the best visual quality.

Finally, Infinite Office will be available. This is a feature that is part of Oculus Home and allows users to work in a virtual environment. With the upcoming update, users will be able to add a virtual desk where their real desk is and add physical objects without taking off their VR glasses. There will also be a virtual representation of the Logitech K830 keyboard. Both the keyboard and the users’ hands become visible in the virtual space, which Oculus says should simplify entering text and navigating the system. More keyboards will be supported in the future.

Update v28, like all updates to the Quest 2, will gradually become available to users. That will likely mean the update will be released this month for most or all Quest 2 owners.