Objects from game dive into reality

Fortnite: Battle Royale keeps popping. The free game is a success on every platform and continues to break player records. It is so successful that Sony may have to adjust a unpopular Playstation rule about playing together with other platforms. You can not get around it anymore and the popularity keeps rising, not least because it basically repeats simple shooting game for one hundred players at a time.

Fortnite is also working on the concept of a continuous shooter to adapt with the seasons that make major changes in the play space. In season four it literally popped and part of the map was suddenly gone, but for season five it gets even crazier. Suddenly inexplicable phenomena have been observed and entire parts of buildings are disappearing. And there they have given a fantastic twist at Epic Games: some of those things suddenly appear in the real world. For example, the burger that was on top of the Durrr Burger restaurant in Greasy Grove and is now suddenly gone:

That can not be a coincidence

It is bizarre, it almost seems fake but the large number of videos that photographer Sela Shiloni has made seem to point out that Epic Games just for the cool one has some items from the game faked and put them in the Californian desert, in the hope that someone would find them. The citizen has quite specifically disappeared during the event that season 5 announced live for all players who were online at the time (in itself already cool) so now of course it is waiting for other things that ‘disappeared’ from the game and start popping up in the real world. The easiest is a large tomato (yes, that of Tomato Town) that also lends itself perfectly to the same kind of joke. Wondering how long it will take for someone to find it somewhere.

However, it got even crazier: when people were curious about the desert near Palmdale, they found not only the citizen, a police car from Fortnite and various warning signs, there was also an ‘agent’ who gave them a business card with a telephone number. When they called that they were told the sound of something that is ‘sucked’ out of the world in Fortnite and then a number has to be entered. Nobody knows what is behind that, but as a promotion stunt this is genius.

We are sincerely curious to see how it goes on, but season 5 starts July 12 so we do not have to wait long for it. From 10 o’clock in the morning you can experience it live, if you want to know what is going on.