Elon Musk sends rocket part to save Thai footballers

The Thai football players who are stuck in a cave have the world in their grasp. They got stuck in a cave after extreme rainfall and because of all the water they can not get out and everyone is feverishly trying to get them out. While four boys have already been brought out by divers and it looks like the remaining boys can be brought out in the same way Tesla / SpaceX boss Elon Musk is working on the development of a small submarine. that the boys could transport.

Musk has dived into the problem and after researching an inflatable system he has now realized that a small type of submarine might be the solution. He tweeted a number of photos of tests carried out in a school pool in LA with the means of transport that can be taken by divers into the cave system.

Also useful in space

It is, by the way, less a boat than an airtight tube that exactly fits a human and is very light yet extremely robust. It is actually part of a SpaceX Falcon rocket, specifically a transfer tube for the liquid oxygen. As is the case with Musk, this idea had some splits and he reported that this was a good basis for making escape capsules for space travel. Then it would all have to be made slightly larger, of course.

One of the vehicles is now en route to Thailand, but it could just be that the tube will not even be used to save the footballers. Anyway, Musk has just started and says that if it is not necessary now, there will probably be a similar situation in the future, and then there is technology for someone who can not swim or dive (or injured) without too much risk.