Nvidia introduces business video card with eight mini display ports

Nvidia has announced the NVS 810: a business video card with eight mini displayport connections, each of which can drive a 4k screen. The singleslot card contains two GM107 GPUs of the Maxwell generation.

The eight mini displayport connections are of the 1.2 generation and the NVS 810 can control synchronized screens with them. The card is mainly intended for providing an image to large advertising walls, which often consist of several screens.

The NVS 810 can provide eight screens with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels at 30Hz. Controlling at a refresh rate of 60Hz is also possible, but then at a maximum of four times the resolution of 4096×2160 pixels.

With Nvidia’s Quadro Sync and Mosaic, images can be spread across multiple screens and with four cards 32 screens can be controlled, while also with a single system sixteen 4k screens can be provided with a full image. Support for nView and nvwmi is available for further image and GPU management.

Nvidia only mentions PNY as a manufacturer for the time being and the expected retail price will be between 650 and 750 dollars, converted and with VAT that is between 726 and 847 euros.