NSA may share raw data with other US government agencies

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The US Secret Service is allowed to share raw data with analysts from 16 other US government services. That is what the administration of President Barack Obama has determined. The same rules will apply to the other services as to the NSA.

With the measure, the Obama administration hopes that the services can track down more suspects in the raw data from the NSA, writes the American newspaper The New York Times. It concerns a total of sixteen services, all American.

This includes raw data from emails, phone calls and communications via satellites from around the world. The analysts are allowed to search data of non-Americans, including Europeans, without restriction. There are restrictions on the analysis of data in which Americans are suspected of criminal offenses. Metadata of any global citizen available to the NSA may search the services without restrictions.

In total, the US government spent about eight years expanding the use of the NSA’s raw data. It has been known for several years that the NSA collects more data than it can effectively analyze. The legislation will be among the last from current President Obama. A new administration will take office next week, led by new President Donald Trump.

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